Tuesday 2 July 2013

What Price Memories ?

How do you value a memory? Indeed what is a memory? Whether it is your babies first step, the marriage of your daughter or perhaps the smile of a relative long since passed. We all have memories and they may all be triggered in different ways. A sound or a smell can trigger a memory. But the most treasured of memories must surely be those we chose to capture on film. A still image or a moving image, a moment that we valued and chose to capture. My business is preserving those moving images. Your child's early years captured on a Video8 cassette .... www.video2dvdtransfers.co.uk can transfer that video to dvd. Once updated to digital a whole world of new opportunities is opened. Edit and share the footage, preserve your memories for you and your family. Older memories on Regular 8 cine film or Super 8 Cine film can also be transferred to DVD or digitised to avi files. Once again a range of possibilities for preserving and sharing are available when you have your cine film transferred by www.cine2dvdtransfers.co.uk. Memories can't easily be valued and when we equipped our transfer studios we chose equipment based on the quality it would produce rather than just on cost. Our aim is to provide quality transfers to DVD. We love working with your memories.

Thursday 13 June 2013

Special Summer discount offer

Order online and use the Code Summer20 for 20% off all orders. www.cine2dvdtransfers.co.uk

Where to order from

If you are looking for top quality cine transfers made on the FlashScan HD you need to visit our website www.cine2dvdtransfers.co.uk

Monday 18 March 2013

We're often asked how our customers can get their cine films in to some sort of order prior to conversion to DVD when they don't have a projector to use. We are pleased to be able to offer loan of a hand cine viewer at a one off cost of £30. This includes delivery of the viewer, subsequent collection of the viewer along with your order and a 10% discount on the order.